The Reason Behind No Severide Spin-Off from ‘Chicago Fire’

Taylor Kinney’s character, Kelly Severide, has made a noteworthy return to the “One Chicago” franchise in “Chicago Fire” after the actor’s brief hiatus during Season 11. During his absence, Severide’s involvement with the Office of Fire Investigation (OFI) sparked speculation about a potential OFI-themed spin-off. This idea intrigues fans, but “Chicago Fire” showrunner Andrea Newman emphasized Severide’s indispensable role in the main series during an interview with Hello! Magazine.

“We have considered a spin-off, but Severide’s absence reminded us how vital he is to Firehouse 51,” Newman explained. As long as Kinney remains with “Chicago Fire,” his character will continue to be a central figure.

Instead of leading a new show, Severide’s experiences in arson investigation will significantly influence his storyline in Season 12. “As Kidd [played by Miranda Rae Mayo] mentions early in the season, she sees arson as Severide’s ‘drug’—it’s addictive for him and he dives deep into it,” Newman shared. “It’s in his blood—his father was also an OFI captain—and it connects with something profound within him. It becomes a danger zone, yet he’s passionate about it and highly skilled.”

Severide’s father, Benny, who appears in earlier seasons as an OFI captain, died in Season 7, leaving a complicated legacy. Despite a strained relationship, Severide deeply loved his father, and his ongoing fascination with arson work could be seen as an homage to his father’s career.

As Season 12 unfolds, it will reveal more about Severide’s motives—whether they stem from the thrill of solving cases or a deeper desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. In any case, Severide is back on “Chicago Fire,” equipped with a new set of arson investigation skills that are sure to keep viewers engaged.