According to Miranda Rae Mayo, Chicago Fire, P.D., and Med Sets Offer Hilariously Different

The stars of NBC’s One Chicago series shared insights into the distinct atmospheres on their respective sets during their appearance on the May 15 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” This special episode served as a Chicago x New York crossover event, featuring Chicago Med’s S. Epatha Merkerson, Chicago Fire’s Miranda Rae Mayo, and Chicago P.D.’s Jason Beghe. They gathered to discuss the upcoming season finales of their shows, set for Wednesday, May 22.

Jimmy Fallon, intrigued by the cohesion and crossover between the shows, asked the actors about the differences in the set environments. “You’re all part of the same universe and have appeared on each other’s shows,” Fallon noted. “What would you say the differences are?”

Merkerson highlighted Mayo’s apt description, inviting her to elaborate. Mayo compared the Chicago Med set to “a sophisticated dinner party. It’s like everyone is reading, speaking softly—it’s very mature and elegant, which is fitting for a hospital setting.”

Contrasting this, she described the Chicago P.D. set: “It’s a bit rougher. Everyone is incredibly kind and they look after you, but they definitely expect you to stay sharp.”

“And then there’s Fire,” Mayo continued with a laugh, “which is like a circus. We’re loud, always laughing—it really embodies the lively spirit of a firehouse.”

Despite all three shows being filmed largely at Chicago’s Cinespace Studios, Mayo’s descriptions reflect how the sets mirror the unique worlds and cultures depicted in each series.