Shemar Moore Reveals How ‘S.W.A.T.’ Uncancellation Affects Season 7 Finale

Dettmann reflects on the unique twist added to Street’s departure, noting, “It was a really fun twist to add at the end of Street’s farewell. Imagining something different for him would require something quite exotic, given Chris’s unpredictable nature. But ideally, we’d want the whole team to be part of such a celebration. It’s all about finding the right story and aligning actor availabilities, but it would be thrilling to bring Chris and Street back together.”

He also discusses the progression of Hondo and Nichelle’s relationship, played by Rochelle Aytes: “The words Hondo spoke during his proposal were as deep as wedding vows. We felt there was no need to revisit those sentiments in a typical wedding scene, so we jumped ahead to them being married, complete with wedding ring and all. It felt right to avoid repeating the same scene in a church surrounded by flowers.”

Reflecting on the show’s revival, Dettmann shares, “At the end of Season 6, it felt like the end of the line and we were disappointed to face cancellation. The wrap party was surreal, not knowing our future. However, the subsequent revival for a 13-episode farewell in Season 7 was a welcome surprise. It turned what could have been a somber ending into a celebratory opportunity. That transition wasn’t as sad because we had prepared to conclude the series.”

He continues, “As Season 7 progressed and our ratings improved, the excitement grew. Shemar and I were constantly messaging, pondering over our potential finale or the exciting possibility of continuing. Securing Season 8 felt like another wonderful blessing. Beyond the initial shock of cancellation, our journey has been overwhelmingly positive, consistently gaining momentum.”