‘S.W.A.T.’ Season 8: Potential Comebacks for Alex Russell and Kenny Johnson?

Despite the initially positive reaction to the news that “S.W.A.T.” was uncanceled for a second time, the departure of key characters brought a mix of emotions, according to executive producer Andrew Dettmann.

In Season 7, Hondo (Shemar Moore) faced significant changes within his team. Street (Alex Russell) made a move to the Long Beach Police Department, Luca (Kenny Johnson) was compelled to retire due to an injury sustained while disrupting an off-duty robbery, and Deacon (Jay Harrington) decided to retire. While Harrington’s character, Deacon, is still present as he transitions into a new life phase, the same cannot be said for Russell and Johnson, who have already had their farewell episodes.

Dettmann expressed his hopes to TV Insider, saying, “I would love to see them back. It was heartbreaking to write their exits, thinking Season 7 was our last. Saying goodbye to Street and seeing Luca’s impactful farewell were tough. These were significant moments that we initially thought closed their chapters.”

As he looks forward to Season 8, Dettmann is optimistic about potential returns. “There’s no reason we can’t collaborate with the Long Beach PD for a case that brings Street back. I’m also hoping to have Alex, who plays Street, return to direct some episodes. We’re still finalizing our director’s list for the new season, and it would be fantastic if he could direct and even appear on screen,” he explained. “The same goes for Kenny. Everyone loved the farewell we crafted for him, and we parted on excellent terms. I’d be thrilled to have him return.”

Russell’s final episode featured a poignant moment with Street planning to propose to Chris (Lina Esco, who left the show after five seasons), hinting at future narratives that could reunite the team for such a significant event.