Yellowstone Cast Member Shares Disappointing News About Season 5

Yellowstone is set to conclude with the latter half of its fifth season later this year, yet many specifics about the show’s fate on the Paramount Network are still uncertain. This uncertainty was highlighted by recent comments from country singer Lainey Wilson, who has also taken on a role in the series created by Taylor Sheridan. In a conversation with Fox News, as reported by Collider, Wilson expressed her own uncertainties about the upcoming final season, indicating that she, along with other cast members, is awaiting further instructions.

“I’m still waiting to find out what’s happening with Yellowstone,” Wilson shared. “I have absolutely no clue. I did talk to Kelly Reilly the other day and, you know, we’ll see what happens. Once they give us the call — we’re there.”

The future of Yellowstone’s concluding episodes remains shrouded in mystery. Although production is rumored to commence shortly, no definitive start date has been confirmed. Additionally, there are whispers of a Yellowstone sequel in development, potentially featuring Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Pfeiffer, alongside returning cast members from the current series, though official confirmations are sparse.

Kevin Costner’s future with the show also hangs in the balance. Costner, who embodies patriarch John Dutton, has expressed interest in returning for the final stretch, despite reports suggesting his departure due to scheduling conflicts with his Warner Bros. project, Horizon. Taylor Sheridan has already scripted the concluding episodes, which complicates Costner’s potential involvement.

Kelly Reilly, another key figure in the series, has hinted at an exciting conclusion awaiting fans. She highlighted the production’s seasonal challenges, emphasizing the limited filming window available due to Montana’s harsh winter conditions.

“Gosh, I’m really looking forward to them [the fans] having them [the last episodes],” Reilly said. “We can only shoot this show in the summer because when winter comes in Montana from November through till May, it’s snowing – and shooting this show in the snow with horses, it’s just not possible. So, we have one window and last year we lost it because of the actors’ strike. So I’m looking forward to them having the show back. I look forward to giving them their show back and look forward to ending it.”

As the curtain prepares to close on Yellowstone, anticipation and speculation continue to build among its audience and cast alike.