The Rookie Highlights 04/30/24: Season 6, Episode 7 – ‘Crushed’

In the latest episode of “The Rookie,” Sergeant Tim Bradford experiences a major setback as he is demoted to patrol duty and also ends his relationship with his girlfriend, who had previously helped him secure a more prestigious position in Metro. This marks a low point for Bradford, especially since he had originally made career adjustments to pursue a relationship with Officer Chen.

Despite not violating any rules, the demotion is a significant blow. Sergeant Grey, concerned about Bradford’s well-being, asks the department’s psychologist to monitor him during his shifts. Grey also decides to personally oversee Chen’s patrols, anticipating that she might be affected by the breakup.

Meanwhile, the station is buzzing with gossip about the breakup, fueled by Smitty’s betting pool. Rumors circulate about possible infidelities involving Bradford, Chen, and a third party named Aaron, which Chen attempts to quash to no avail.

Chen is clearly struggling; not only has she been dumped, but her roommate is moving out, adding to her stress. Her emotional state is further tested when she and Bradford respond to a domestic call, where a man has staged his own death to break up with his girlfriend. Chen ends up advising the ex-girlfriend against seeking revenge, emphasizing that it’s not worth the legal consequences.

The plot thickens as the officers become involved in a case concerning a missing teenager named Emma, who disappears while babysitting. It’s revealed that Emma left after receiving a distressing message from her friend Olivia, who is also missing. As they investigate, they uncover unsettling behavior from Matthew Olsen, the father in the household where Emma was babysitting. It appears he was manipulating the nanny cam and possibly harming the girls.

The situation escalates when Olivia claims that Matthew tried to take her and Emma away, eventually leading to a confrontation where Olivia escapes and Matthew is found dead. Olivia initially claims that Matthew was the aggressor, but it later emerges that she was responsible for both the confrontation and a subsequent tragic event.

Back at the station, Officer Nolan, who is contemplating the costs of parenting, learns about the lucrative nature of babysitting from Detective Lopez. Lopez, having just dismissed her nanny for bringing a firearm into her home, discusses the challenges of finding trustworthy childcare.

The episode wraps up with several personal developments: Chen considers a new roommate, Bradford passes a critical field exam but decides to continue therapy, and Lopez and Harper collaborate on a temporary childcare solution. This episode intertwines personal dilemmas and professional challenges, highlighting the complexities of life as a law enforcement officer.