The Rookie Season 6 Episode 8 “Punch Card”: Promo, Schedule, and Review

Season 6 of “The Rookie” is approaching its intense conclusion, promising major upheavals. The next episode, “Punch Card,” signals serious peril for the team, with a possible casualty among the officers.

“The Rookie,” an ABC police drama, follows John Nolan (Nathan Fillion), a man in his 40s who relocates from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles after a life-changing incident involving a bank robbery. Inspired, he joins the LAPD to start anew as a police officer. The show, created by Alexi Hawley, draws inspiration from the real-life story of William Norcross, who joined the LAPD in his mid-40s in 2015.

The series features a strong ensemble cast including Tru Valentino as Aaron Thorsen, Jenna Dewan as Bailey Nune, and others who bring the gripping police narratives to life. Last season’s cliffhanger left fans on edge after Aaron Thorsen was critically injured. This season ups the ante with a dangerous scenario hinted in the promos—another officer might be shot amidst a chaotic gang confrontation at a hospital.

The teaser shows the squad at a hospital plunged into a gang war, with urgent calls of “officers down” echoing as a gunshot rings out. The focus shifts to Bailey’s shocked face—potentially reacting to danger befalling her husband, John, who was last seen heading toward the turmoil.

While it’s speculative that main character Nolan would be fatally injured, the stakes are high for everyone present, including Angela Lopez, Nyla Harper, Lucy Chen, Wade Grey, and Celina Juarez. The episode synopsis reveals the squad’s challenge to maintain order at the hospital following a mafia-triggered crisis, with Lucy and Celina investigating the attack, and Tim and Aaron navigating a metro ops mission.

With “The Rookie” confirmed for a seventh season, the fates of the characters remain uncertain, especially with only three episodes left in this shortened season. Fans are eager to see who makes it through these perilous final episodes.

Catch “The Rookie” on ABC on Tuesdays at 9/8c and on Hulu for streaming.