1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Discovered in a Barn Has Been Hiding for 50 Years

In 1957 Chevrolet built more than 1.5 million Tri-Five models in 1957, of which 168.000 were Bel Air Sport Coupe versions, it’s not a surprise at all that so many of them kept popping out of barns and yards all over the U.S.

For example this blue-painted 1957 Bel Air is the latest to come up for sale after it’s been discovered at a farm.

This Bel Air saw its first light after more than 50 years after getting dodged out of a barn when the property was sold, the car was parked in 1969 but was in one piece still and it looks like it could be brought back to life.

Vehicles that have been sitting in a place for a decade are usually with rust issues, to the point where several body panels, floors, and trunk pans need to be replaced. But surprisingly this 1957 Bel Air appears to be in good condition. We have some surface rust on the outside, while the floor and the frame seem to be in one piece.

The blue shade of its paint doesn’t seem to be in bad condition either, but you need to know that the vehicle doesn’t wear its original colour anymore. The two-door left the factory in Canyon Coral and got repainted blue somewhere in the late 1950s. You’ll see traces of the original pink hue in the trunk.

The interior needs a deep cleaning and new upholstery, but we have a lot of rust on the dashboard and the door panels. These parts don’t need to be replaced, but you can’t really avoid a paint job here. Overall, it doesn’t look all that bad considering that it’s been off the road since 1969.

Under this Bel Air hood lurks a period-correct, 283-cubic-inch (4.6-liter) V8 engine.  It’s not clear whether it’s a numbers-matching mill, but it’s a possibility since the vehicle was driven for only 12 years. The odometer shows 81,000 miles (130,357 km).

The 283 V8 was the largest and most powerful option Chevrolet offered on the Bel Air in 1957. There were different outputs, ranging from the Turbo-Fire rated at 185 horsepower to the Corvette Ramjet good for 283 horses. According to the seller he doesn’t know whether the V8 turns or not, but it’s safe to assume that it won’t run without a lot of work, some new components, and a new fuel tank.

If you like these vehicles and are looking for a Bel Air project and want to give this Sport Coupe a new life, the car is being auctioned off on eBay as we speak. “james mix” is offering it at no reserve and bidding has reached $15,101 within three days. But restored Bel Airs go for more than $50,000 nowadays, so wouldn’t be a surprise to see this barn find change hands for more than $20,000.

Source: autoevolution.com

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