Wilmer Valderrama Reveals: ‘The Darker the Case, the More Laughs on the NCIS Set’

Wilmer Valderrama has shared insights from his tenure on “NCIS,” revealing the camaraderie and fun behind the scenes. The show, which has been a fixture on television since 2003, marked its 1000th episode milestone on April 15. Speaking with People magazine, Valderrama described the set atmosphere as particularly lively, especially during darker storylines.

“The darker the case, the funnier the set becomes. We laugh our as*es off, and it’s great that the audience enjoys it too,” he said.

Valderrama, who joined the cast in 2016 as agent Nick Torres, emphasized the show’s commitment to evolving with its audience while retaining its core essence.

“Every five years, the show takes note. It pays attention to what’s happening in the world. It creates conversation. It makes the storylines kind of relevant to what’s happening right now. [And it] continues to service; service the people that love the show, service the people that we’re representing on that screen,” he continued. “I think that’s what keeps it fresh.”

Wilmer Valderrama is deeply aware of the importance of honoring real-life NCIS agents. He recognizes the significance of the show’s motto, “serving those who protect and protecting those who serve,” and acknowledges that the real agents who embody this creed deserve far more recognition than he or any actor on the show could claim.

“As you may or may not know, I’ve had my fair share of traveling the world and visiting our troops around the world,” he said. “And when you at first wonder, ‘Who protects the one that protects us? Who are the people who are there making sure their families get the closure they need?’ And so on and so on and so this show can really attribute to the men and women who wear that uniform.”