Yellowstone’s Season 6 Replacement Just Got Even Better

Yellowstone” is sadly coming to an end following Season 5, but recent reports suggest one of the show’s upcoming spinoffs will perfectly serve as a replacement for Season 6. The Paramount Network neo-Western series, created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, premiered in June 2018 and steadily became one of the most talked-about dramas on television.

However, following the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding Kevin Costner’s exit from “Yellowstone” in 2023, the show is set to conclude after the Season 5 finale. Despite this, the franchise will continue with numerous spinoffs.

Naturally, fans are looking to “Yellowstone’s” upcoming spinoffs as potential placeholders once the original series officially ends. “1923” will return for Season 2 at an unspecified date, while Sheridan has three other shows in development: “1944,” a prequel set in that year; “6666,” a spinoff set in the present day on the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas; and “2024,” a sequel series rumored to be headlined by Matthew McConaughey.

Ultimately, “2024” (a working title that might change as production progresses) is expected to be the best replacement for “Yellowstone” Season 6. Paramount has yet to confirm this, but the returns of Rip, Beth, and Kayce in the spinoff could revitalize the franchise after Costner’s controversial departure.

Unfortunately, Matthew McConaughey’s involvement in the future show remains uncertain, as some reports indicate the actor is basing his decision on the spinoff’s creative direction. Nevertheless, the future of the “Yellowstone” universe appears bright, with Hauser, Reilly, and Grimes reportedly continuing their roles after the series finale.

Even though “Yellowstone” is set to end with Season 5, news of Rip, Beth, and Kayce’s returns in “2024” suggests that the show will continue, albeit under a different name. The upcoming sequel series seems to be, for all intents and purposes, Season 6, but without the “Yellowstone” name and potentially featuring a new lead character if McConaughey signs on.

Only time will tell how different or similar “2024” will be to “Yellowstone,” but the good news is that some of the original show’s characters’ stories won’t end with Season 5.