The Rookie Season 7 Has A Number Of Plots To Resolve

The timeline for The Rookie Season 7 premiere makes sense. With an action-packed Season 6 finale, most of the immediate action has been resolved, so an episode picking up mid-action isn’t necessary.

By contrast, Season 5 ended on a major cliffhanger with LAPD officer Aaron Thorsen’s fate up in the air after being shot, leaving Season 6 with an immediate resolution to address. The Season 6 finale doesn’t have loose ends as significant, allowing for a smoother transition into the next season.

That said, The Rookie still has plenty to resolve as it enters Season 7. One key plot point involves Oscar’s plan to break out of prison. Because Oscar’s plans were revealed, it will be crucial for Season 7 to address this prison break, including its specifics and the success of Oscar’s plan.

Given this plot, it makes sense that The Rookie wouldn’t want a major time skip, as the series would need to explore the ramifications of Oscar’s prison break.

Several other characters have major plots to be resolved in Season 7. This includes Monica, who has been on the run. With Oscar breaking out of prison, Season 7 will have even further interest in these two villains.

Furthermore, the season will need to delve into the relationship between Tim and Lucy as they reconcile their professional and platonic partnership after breaking off their romantic relationship in Episode 6. With only a small time gap, it will be fascinating to see how these plots pick up in Season 7.