‘The Rookie’ Gears Up for Season 7 with “Big Shoes to Fill”

The executive producer of The Rookie, Alexi Hawley, sat down with TV Insider to share some early teases for Season 7. While he couldn’t reveal much, he did confirm one thing: it’s only going to get more thrilling from here.

When asked about what Season 7 would hold for characters Tim (Eric Carter) and Lucy (Melissa O’Neill), who went through a dramatic breakup, he said, “I can’t say a lot yet. The writers’ room has only been going for a week and a half, but I do think we need to find the adventure.”

“I think we have to walk that line of what it looks like if they’re finding their way back to whatever a relationship looks like in the short term and the long term, which are not necessarily the same thing. Audiences want the ‘will they, won’t they,’ and we know that from the history of television.

It’s the wanting that’s the most romantic. How do we get back to a place where we can have that?” Hawley keeps the Season 7 details tightly under wraps but wants fans to know one thing: “We have some big shoes to fill after Season 6.”

“We took some big swings, and I love that we keep challenging ourselves. We aim to do even better, but at the same time, how do we lean more into how much everybody loves these characters?” he said. “I feel super lucky that we get to have fun every week, even if we do some high-stakes or tragic stuff. Tonally, because we cover everything, it allows us to give you an episode every week that keeps you on the edge of your seat.”

Season 7 promises even more thrilling drama. The Rookie premiered in October 2018 and has delivered dramatic twists and turns ever since. The explosive Season 6 finale may have left viewers in turmoil, but there’s much more to come.