Tom Selleck Confirms Fifteenth Season for ‘Blue Bloods’, Challenges Cancellation Decision

Tom Selleck is setting the record straight regarding the conclusion of “Blue Bloods.” In a recent interview with Country Living, the actor clarified that the series will conclude with its 15th season, not as a continuation of the 14th.

“The network announced this would be our last season, and initially, I was hopeful CBS would reconsider,” Selleck shared. “We’re slated for a 10-episode 14th season due to the strike, and then we’ll roll out eight episodes this fall to kick off our 15th and final season.”

 Gary Gershoff

Selleck expressed optimism about the show’s future, noting its strong performance: “My hope is that CBS recognizes our success. We’re still leading Friday nights and drawing viewers on Paramount Plus.”

The veteran actor has been outspoken following CBS’s decision to end the show, advocating strongly for its continuation. In discussions with CBS News this month, when asked about the show’s end, Selleck reiterated his hopes for a reversal from CBS. “We’re the third-highest scripted show in broadcast, dominating our time slot. The entire cast is eager to return. We’re still delivering quality episodes and holding strong. It’s not over yet, in my view.”

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Previously, in an interview with TV Insider in January, Selleck mentioned, “The show has never been more popular, and I believe interest will only grow this year. We’re far from running out of ideas.”

Despite nearing his 80s, Selleck emphasized his commitment to continue working. “I’m not looking to retire. I still love what I do, even though it gets more challenging as I get older,” he said.

This stance forced Amy Reisenbach, Entertainment President at CBS, to publicly acknowledge the cast’s appeals to extend the series. At a May press conference, she stated, “We adore this cast and their dedication to the show. However, all shows eventually conclude, and it’s crucial for us to refresh our lineup. We plan to conclude ‘Blue Bloods’ in December.”