The Rookie S06E10 Preview; Hawley, Fillion, Cox Offer Glimpses of Season Finale

As the Season 6 finale of ABC’s “The Rookie” approaches, fans are on edge for the upcoming episode, S06E10 “Escape Plan.” Creators Alexi Hawley and stars Nathan Fillion and Mekia Cox heightened anticipation by dropping intriguing teasers about the season’s climactic end.

While season finales often leave audiences on a nail-biting cliffhanger, this episode promises to deliver even more thrills. During Disney’s recent Upfronts presentation, Hawley, Fillion, and Cox provided insights into the final episode, accompanied by a promotional clip for “Escape Plan” and behind-the-scenes images from the latest episode, “Squeeze Play.”

In a revealing discussion, Fillion and Hawley highlighted the formidable antagonist Monica, played by Bridget Regan, teasing Bailey’s (Jenna Dewan) return before the season wraps. Fillion expressed his enthusiasm for the evolving storyline between his character, Nolan, and Bailey, while Hawley hinted at Tim’s (Eric Winter) critical role in the finale despite some hurdles.

Disney/Raymond Liu

Hawley suggested the finale would mix hope with his signature cliffhanger ending, to which Fillion humorously added that Hawley enjoys leaving the audience in suspense at season’s end.

Mekia Cox, who plays Nyla Harper, discussed how her real-life friendship with Alyssa Diaz (Angela Lopez) enriches their on-screen dynamic. She described the finale as “intense” and filled with action, potentially featuring an explosion and a surprise appearance by a “familiar face.” Cox also shared her personal enjoyment in the flexibility she’s had with her appearance on the show, particularly her hairstyle.

In “Escape Plan,” Sgt. Grey (Richard T. Jones) and the team gear up for their most daunting mission yet. Aaron (Tru Valentino), Lopez, Celina (Lisseth Chavez), Tim, and Smitty (Brent Huff) uncover an unexpected link in their case, setting the stage for a dramatic conclusion to the season.