Before the Badge: Epic Throwback Photos of ‘The Rookie’ Cast

It’s been quite a journey for the cast of “The Rookie,” who have not only invested their energy and passion into the series but also spent years refining their skills and attending countless auditions to reach their current positions. Ever curious about their lives before they hit the spotlight?

Stars like Jenna Dewan and Mekia Cox have delighted fans by sharing captivating throwback photos from their days before Hollywood fame, offering us a nostalgic glimpse into their pasts. The transformation of the cast over the years is truly remarkable.

Nathan Fillion, originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has always cherished his close relationship with his family, especially his older brother Jeff, whom he greatly admires. Nathan, who now sports a shorter hairstyle, knew from a young age he wanted to pursue acting. Initially, he considered a more practical career in teaching and even studied at the University of Alberta. However, his passion for acting eventually led him to New York, where he landed his first TV roles, paving the way for his iconic role as John Nolan on “The Rookie.”

Eric Winter, born in La Mirada, California, keeps his childhood somewhat private, but he has shared amusing anecdotes about his fashion choices back in the day, including the laborious effort to style his hair perfectly, as seen on his Instagram. Originally planning to become a doctor, Eric’s path took a creative turn when he fell in love with acting during some elective drama classes.

Melissa O’Neil, who hails from Calgary, has always been a performer. A photo of her at age eight on a ferry in Hong Kong with her family showcases her early life. Winning Canadian Idol at 17, she made history and later transitioned from music to acting, with significant roles in series like “Dark Matter” and “iZombie” before joining “The Rookie.”

Jenna Dewan‘s journey in the arts began with dance. Growing up in various cities and attending different schools, she became a prominent figure in her schools’ cheerleading teams and even earned the title of prom queen. Jenna’s dance career escalated as she performed with top artists, which eventually led to her breakthrough role in “Step Up.”

Mekia Cox started in show business early, first through dance, then singing, and finally acting. Originally from the Virgin Islands, she moved to Orlando, where proximity to Disney World and Nickelodeon gave her early acting opportunities. Mekia reminisces about her childhood in the Virgin Islands through throwback photos and now resides in Los Angeles with her family, continuing her acting career on “The Rookie.”//Source: