The NCIS Cast Member Mark Harmon Believes Deserves More Recognition

In a CBS interview relayed by Showbiz CheatSheet, Mark Harmon pointed out that Brian Dietzen, who has portrayed medical examiner Jimmy Palmer since 2004 on “NCIS,” is notably “underappreciated” by fans. Harmon praises Dietzen’s ability to effortlessly handle the complexities of his role, saying, “[Dietzen] makes a really difficult job look easy.”

Dietzen himself has shared insights into the subtleties of his character in a Starry Mag interview. He emphasized the challenges of developing Palmer’s personal story arc, striving to enrich the character with growth and new dimensions while maintaining authenticity.

Dietzen finds joy in balancing these elements, which allows him to explore “new relationships with characters” and watch “old relationships evolve.” His appreciation for his character is evident, as he describes stepping into Palmer’s shoes as “refreshing” and filled with enthusiasm.

Mark Harmon’s respect for Dietzen is warmly reciprocated. In an interview with Pop Entertainment, Dietzen expressed his admiration for Harmon, describing him as a “cool guy” who makes a point of engaging with the entire cast, which enhances the comfort level on set and enriches Dietzen’s learning experience.

Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Special Agent Nick Torres, also praises Harmon in an Entertainment Tonight interview for his kindness and leadership, highlighting their “bromance.”

Similarly, Sean Murray (Special Agent Tim McGee) and other cast members like Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo) and David McCallum (“Ducky” Mallard), have publicly acknowledged Harmon’s pivotal role in fostering a supportive cast environment and contributing to the show’s success, according to Country Living and TV Insider.