S.W.A.T. Update: Jay Harrington Talks Deacon’s Fate on the Series

David “Deacon” Kay will remain a central figure in “S.W.A.T.” as it enters its 8th season, despite a Season 7 plotline that teased his potential retirement—an arc that redefined his character. Jay Harrington, the actor behind Deacon, confirmed to TV Insider in May that he has no intentions of departing the series, especially with the dramatic Season 7 finale on the horizon.

“I know a lot of people think that I’m out for good given how the storyline has evolved. I’m not leaving, and we have two episodes left that will really define what happens next. I think fans are going to be thrilled,” Harrington shared.

He elaborated on Deacon’s upcoming storyline, which will see him back at the S.W.A.T. academy to manage a new contract while grappling with the peculiar sensation of observing the world he once knew moving on without him. Unable to directly intervene, Deacon will provide guidance to Hondo (Shemar Moore) as he deals with several major crises, including a shooting.

“Eventually, I have a significant moment where I’m no longer officially part of the team, but I stop by to support him, leading to a meaningful conversation,” Harrington noted. Given the crucial nature of the relationship between Hondo and Deacon, the show ensures their storyline receives an appropriate conclusion.

Just as Shemar Moore was delighted about the show’s renewal, Harrington also expressed joy upon learning about Season 8 of “S.W.A.T.,” a revelation he received directly from Moore.

Harrington recounted to TV Insider how he learned of CBS’s decision to renew “S.W.A.T.” from Shemar Moore while he was away shooting “Allegiance,” the 10th episode of Season 7. “We were only a few days out, shooting in a remote location, and on the ride home the night before, Shemar called me. He said, ‘It’s looking good, but let’s keep our fingers crossed. You never know.'”

The next day, while Harrington was on set shooting interior scenes with the crew, Moore took the opportunity to announce the renewal in front of the cast and crew, with CBS executives present. “It was awesome,” Harrington exclaimed, clearly pleased with the news and the positive turn of events.