Recap of The Rookie: ‘The Squeeze’ – Season 6, Episode 9 (05/14/24)

In last night’s episode of The Rookie, Sergeant Bradford encountered a complex situation involving suicide and conspiracy. He had a conversation with “Mad Dog,” a former colleague who replaced him in the Metro division. Despite having no resentment towards Mad Dog, Bradford attempted to advise him against a risky operation plan, which Mad Dog ignored, ultimately leading to injuries within his unit.

Mad Dog’s disregard for Bradford’s advice stemmed from his own dealings with Dr. Blair London, a police psychiatrist who connected him with dangerous criminals. Through these connections, Mad Dog became entangled in a network of crime, ultimately leading to his suicide, which he facilitated to cover his tracks. Dr. London, in collusion with these criminals, attempted to pin the suicide on Bradford.

Detective Pearson, manipulated by Dr. London through blackmail involving session recordings, falsely accused Bradford of instigating the suicide. He created a misleading profile that painted Bradford as bitter and resentful. Pearson pushed for Bradford’s suspension and possible criminal charges, leveraging fabricated witness statements about an argument preceding Mad Dog’s death.

Bradford, suspecting Dr. London’s involvement due to her access to police secrets, informed Sergeant Grey and Officer Nolan, his union representative. Together, they initiated an undercover investigation led by Nolan to expose Dr. London’s corrupt activities.

Their breakthrough came through Smitty, a regular in the psychiatrist’s waiting room, who provided crucial information about Dr. London’s appointments with police officers citywide. Their investigation revealed Dr. London’s role in sabotaging police operations to benefit Monica’s criminal activities, ensuring her clients escaped legal repercussions.

Meanwhile, Monica, a major player in this criminal network, faced threats against her life. Despite hiring former bodyguard Charlie Bristow for protection, Monica struggled with police cooperation and continued her own investigation into who wanted her dead.

The detectives made significant progress by identifying Samuel Desta, a hitman hired to kill Monica. As the investigation deepened, they also uncovered connections involving Christian Bautista, a major money launderer, adding layers to the ongoing police corruption and criminal involvement in the city.