‘The Rookie’ Cast Relationships: Who’s Single and Who’s Taken?

“The Rookie,” now in its sixth season since debuting in October 2018, has become renowned for its dynamic celebrity guest appearances, including stars like Pete Davidson, Frankie Muniz, Kelly Clarkson, and Mark Cuban. In April 2024, Deadline reported that the series had been renewed for a seventh season, continuing its successful run.

The series thrives on a blend of intense action and compelling drama, often drawing from the real lives of its actors. Despite Jenna Dewan’s real-life pregnancy announcement in January 2024, showrunner Alexi Hawley clarified to TVLine in February 2024 that Dewan’s character, Bailey, would not be pregnant on the show. However, discussions about her character’s potential future as a parent will continue to be a theme.

Nathan Fillion, known for his role as John Nolan, remains single. Despite previous engagements, including to “General Hospital” co-star Vanessa Marcil in 1995 and actress Mikaela Hoover in 2013, Fillion has never married. He maintains friendly relations with most of his ex-partners, once revealing to Women’s Health in 2010 that they would describe him as “unlucky in love.”

Jenna Dewan portrays Bailey Nune and is engaged to actor Steve Kazee. The couple, who began dating in 2018, is expecting their second child. They welcomed their first son, Callum, in March 2020. Dewan was previously married to Channing Tatum, with whom she shares a daughter, Everly, born in May 2013. Despite busy schedules, Dewan assured Us Weekly in June 2023 that their wedding plans are progressing.

Mekia Cox, who plays Nyla Harper, married basketball analyst Britt Leach in 2018, and the couple has two daughters, born in 2018 and 2022. Cox’s second pregnancy was incorporated into the show’s storyline.

Alyssa Diaz, portraying Angela Lopez, is engaged to musician Gustavo Galindo, and they have a son. Her character’s pregnancies in seasons 3 and 5 were also written into the show, although Diaz was not pregnant during the filming of season 5.

Richard T. Jones, who plays Wade Grey, was married to Nancy from 1996 until their separation in 2021. Recently, Jones shared news of his new marriage on Instagram, posting a photo with his wife, Kris, in October 2023. His personal life also saw his daughter Sydney’s engagement announcement in November 2023.

Eric Winter, portraying Tim Bradford, and his wife, Roselyn Sánchez, have found lasting love and collaboration both on-screen and off. Married since 2008, they have two children and have appeared together in various projects, including a guest appearance by Sánchez on “The Rookie” during its second season and the 2019 Hallmark movie “A Taste of Summer.”