Some of the Best Celebrity Guest Stars on ‘The Rookie’

From its inception, “The Rookie” has been known for its thrilling celebrity cameos, featuring stars from to Mark Cuban. These appearances not only captivated viewers but also maintained excitement throughout the series. With an already engaging premise, the addition of popular celebrities further enhanced the show’s appeal.

In the show’s second season, Officers Jackson West and Tim Bradford engage in community policing, supporting the Watts Rams youth football league. Here, they are joined by Los Angeles Rams players Eric Weddle and Robert Woods, who play themselves, adding a touch of realism and fun to the scenes amidst more serious storylines involving bomb threats and relationship troubles.

During the first season, before the popular ‘Chenford’ storyline emerged, Tim Bradford was the stern training officer to Lucy Chen. Their dynamic is tested when they pull over Mario Lopez for a traffic violation. The situation escalates when Bradford realizes it’s a sting operation by Internal Affairs, leading him to issue multiple citations to Lopez in frustration.

Molly Quinn, known from “Castle,” appeared as the criminal’s daughter, Ashley Hutchinson, in the third season, creating a stark contrast as she stood on the opposite side of the law from Nathan Fillion’s character, John Nolan. She returned in the fifth season, adding layers to her character’s backstory.

Pete Davidson’s role as Pete Nolan, John Nolan’s free-spirited stepbrother, was more than a cameo. His character provided a counterbalance to John’s responsible demeanor, deepening over time and reflecting the complexities of family dynamics. Davidson first appeared in season two and returned for additional episodes in season four.’s cameo early in the series set the stage for subsequent celebrity appearances. His interaction with the LAPD after a stalker lands in his yard by parachute provided a memorable and humorous moment.

Emily Deschanel played a significant role as Sarah Nolan, John’s ex-wife, in season three. Her appearance as a well-respected actress from “Bones” added depth and intrigue to the storyline, especially given the show’s backdrop of John Nolan’s life-altering decision to join the LAPD post-divorce.

The show also featured Aaron Thorsen, introduced after the abrupt departure of Officer Jackson West. His family, influential in the reality TV world, is woven into the narrative, highlighting the intersections of media and law enforcement. Tamala Jones, another “Castle” alum, plays Yvonne, a matriarch in the entertainment industry, whose complexities are revealed through her family’s dynamics and personal challenges.

Before her memorable role as the Borg Queen in “Star Trek: Picard,” Annie Wersching brought intensity to “The Rookie” as Rosalind Dyer, a calculated serial killer whose manipulations create a chilling storyline across multiple seasons.

Flula Borg, known for his roles in “Pitch Perfect,” became a recurring guest star in season four as Randy, a skip tracer whose character has evolved significantly, providing comic relief and exciting plotlines.

Lastly, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, known for their enduring friendship since “Firefly,” have made guest appearances in each other’s shows, with Tudyk joining “The Rookie” and adding a layer of camaraderie that fans of both actors enjoy.

Overall, “The Rookie” skillfully integrates these cameos and guest roles, enriching the narrative and bringing a diverse array of talent to the forefront.