Chicago Fire Season 12 Finale: Crisis Approaches for Violet and Carver

Violet Mikami (portrayed by Hanako Greensmith of “Bull”) has faced her fair share of romantic challenges on “Chicago Fire,” and it seems her journey may continue to be rocky in the Season 12 finale. After becoming romantically involved with Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) earlier in the season, the couple has captured fans’ attention with a chemistry-filled kiss. Yet, their future remains uncertain.

In a May interview with TVLine, showrunner Andrea Newman hinted at potential troubles ahead: “Carver and Violet are like two heated magnets drawn to each other, regardless of whether it’s a wise decision. They face some serious issues that need resolving, compounded by numerous obstacles, including a critical call in the finale that dredges up Carver’s dark past.”

While details about Carver’s troubling history remain under wraps, it’s clear that Violet’s notoriously bad luck in love may not yet be behind her.

Violet’s romantic entanglements have been complicated from the start. She first connected with Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) in Season 8, but their relationship fizzled into a solid friendship by the season’s end. Reflecting on this transition, Newman told Variety in 2024, “Gallo and Mikami were never destined to be a long-term couple. Their relationship matured into a meaningful friendship, which became crucial for both.”

The storyline took a tragic turn in Season 9 when Violet grew close to Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), a Paramedic Field Chief. Their promising relationship was abruptly cut short when Hawkins perished in a façade collapse during Season 11. After grappling with this loss, Violet cautiously reentered the dating scene in Season 12 with her new relationship with Sam.

As the season concludes, fans are left wondering: Could Sam Carver be the one for Violet, or is he just another chapter in her ongoing search for love? Tune in to see how Violet’s story unfolds.