Discover the Fan Favorites of Chicago Fire: See Who Tops the List

“Chicago Fire,” a standout in the “One Chicago” franchise, launched the series in 2011 and has introduced a range of characters over the years—some beloved, others less favored. Despite the mixed feelings about characters like Stella Kidd, we were curious to find out who tops the list as the fan favorite.

In a survey conducted by Looper, over 600 residents from the United States were asked to choose their favorite character from six major players who have significantly impacted the series. These characters were selected based on their popularity and pivotal roles within the show. The results, showing preferences but not dislike for those ranking lower, might surprise some.

Matt Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) emerged as the top favorite, securing 27.45% of the votes. As the central figure for over nine seasons, his departure in 2022 left fans lamenting that the show hasn’t been the same. Following closely, Mouch (Christian Stolte) received 21.46% of the votes, appreciated for his humor, loyalty, and role as a stellar supporting character. Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker), known for his authoritative yet caring leadership, ranked third with 14.98% of the votes.

David Eigenberg’s Herrmann, one of the original characters, came in fourth with 13.31% of the votes. Known for his candid demeanor and questionable business discounts, Herrmann remains a core member of the team. Surprisingly, Taylor Kinney’s Severide, who now leads the series post-Spencer, placed fifth with 11.98%—perhaps reflecting nostalgia for his earlier portrayal.

In last place, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), who joined in Season 3, received 10.82% of the votes. While her character has faced turbulent relationships, fans continue to root for her eventual happiness. This ranking does not diminish her popularity compared to lesser-featured characters, reminding us of others like Gabby (Monica Raymund), who left a lasting impression despite no longer being on the show.