‘9-1-1’ Actor Ryan Guzman Discusses Buck & Eddie: ‘It’s Baby Steps Towards Anything & If Anything’

As “9-1-1” Season 7 unfolds, it delves into uncharted territory with Buck (Oliver Stark) exploring his bisexuality—a storyline that brings a new dimension to his character, particularly through his relationship with former 118 member Tommy (Lou Ferrigno Jr.). This development has reignited speculation among fans about the potential for a romantic connection between Buck and his best friend Eddie (Ryan Guzman).

Ryan Guzman, speaking to TV Insider, highlighted the significance of this narrative arc. “Buck is at a stage of personal discovery, taking baby steps towards understanding himself better,” he explained. This journey is not just about sexual identity but also about showcasing strong, supportive relationships on national television.

“It’s profound to portray a bisexual man openly communicating with a heterosexual man, who then offers a safe, accepting space. This dynamic challenges the outdated notion that sexual preference correlates with one’s strength or goodness,” Guzman added.

He further emphasized the importance of this representation: “Our aim is to dispel misconceptions and demonstrate that sexual preference should not influence friendships or human connections. Accept and love people as they are—that’s the message we want to convey.”

The idea of Buck and Eddie’s potential romantic relationship has captivated the audience, yet Guzman believes the current focus should remain on representing these formative experiences authentically. “We’re here to show the world how to handle this kind of situation with understanding and openness,” he stated.

Earlier in the season, following the milestone 100th episode, we discussed the potential of a “Buddie” storyline with showrunner Tim Minear. “Currently, Buck is on a journey of self-discovery and has made a new acquaintance. Predicting the future direction of the plot is challenging even for me,” he explained.

“As for Eddie, he’s involved with a woman. He has a history of relationships with women, including marriage, and even has a child. Eddie is also dealing with complex emotions regarding his role in the world, which might not align with Buck’s issues.” This theme was further developed in Episode 5, where Eddie encountered challenges in his relationship with Marisol (played by Edy Ganem) upon discovering she was training to become a nun.