What’s Next for Mouch? Unveiling His Fate on ‘Chicago Fire’ as Another Character Departs

Randall “Mouch” McHolland, a seasoned firefighter with Truck 81, remains one of the five original characters on “Chicago Fire.” Alongside him are Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker), Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso), and Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg). However, with three cast members having already departed in Season 12 and another exit looming, there is growing speculation about Mouch’s future at Firehouse 51—especially given his absence in the season’s final episodes.

So, what’s going on with Mouch on “Chicago Fire”? Here’s what we know about his current situation and what might lie ahead for him on the show.

Christian Stolte’s character, Mouch, has been notably absent from a couple of episodes in Season 12 of “Chicago Fire,” specifically Episode 10, “The Wrong Guy,” and Episode 11, “Inside Man.” Additionally, he was not featured in the preview for Episode 12, “Under Pressure,” sparking curiosity among viewers about his status on the show.

Regarding Mouch’s absence, it was revealed in Episode 10 by Lieutenant Kelly Severide that Mouch was in Atlanta attending a tech rescue class. Although he is also missing from Episode 12, the synopsis for Episode 13, which doubles as the season finale of Season 12, indicates that Mouch will make a timely return. This episode not only marks his comeback but also sees him grappling with changes at the firehouse and bidding farewell to another character.

Christian Stolte is expected to continue his role on “Chicago Fire.” However, Eamonn Walker, who portrays Chief Wallace Boden, will not be returning as a regular. After 12 seasons, Walker will make his last appearance as a regular in the Season 12 finale, coinciding with the climax of Boden’s bid for Deputy Commissioner.

Despite stepping down from a regular role, Walker will still appear in a recurring capacity on the show. This season has also seen the departure of several other cast members, including Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett), Alberto Rosende (Blake Gallo), and Rome Flynn (Derrick Gibson).