Vanessa Ray Highlights Her Most-Loved ‘Blue Bloods’ Episode

The Reagan family in “Blue Bloods” has faced numerous challenges over the years, confronting murderers and risking their lives to protect the public. While each episode captivates in its own way, certain ones hold a special place for both the viewers and the principal cast.

On the CBS website, a featured presentation allows each lead actor to share their favorite episode—a daunting task given that the show is currently in its 12th season, amassing over 200 episodes. Nevertheless, the actors quickly pinpoint their top picks. Sami Gayle, portraying Nicky Reagan-Boyle, cherishes a Season 2 episode where she performed a song and dance routine with a Broadway icon, highlighting a cherished personal memory.

Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie Janko-Reagan, reveals her favorite episode as “Bones to Pick” from Season 10, Episode 10. Despite the dark undertone of the episode, where a woman’s body is found in a men-only club amid an ongoing illicit affair within the police department, Ray’s highlight is a lighter moment.

She recalls a spontaneous scene involving a festive twist: “It was my favorite because I received a last-minute text from our costumer saying, ‘We need you to come in early to be fitted for a Santa costume.’” The sight of Eddie and her partner donned in holiday attire provided a joyful contrast to the episode’s serious themes.

This sentiment is echoed by many in the video, where actors reflect on the most enjoyable scenes they’ve filmed. While “Blue Bloods” is known for its intense drama, these moments of levity are a welcome respite, reminding viewers and actors alike of the lighter side of their experiences on the show.