Introducing Caitlin, Wife of ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Joe Miñoso

While fans of the thrilling TV series “Chicago Fire” were captivated by the dramatic scenes at Molly’s Bar and the heroic deeds of the firefighters, Joe Miñoso, who plays Joe Cruz, was experiencing his own off-screen romance. Miñoso met his future wife, Caitlin Murphy Miles, a makeup artist, on the set while preparing for his role.

In December 2015, Miñoso took to Instagram to announce his engagement, sharing a heartfelt message: “They say you always fall in love when you least expect it. I now know that to be absolutely true,” he wrote. “A little over two years ago, a makeup artist joined the team of ‘Chicago Fire’ and quickly became the biggest part of my heart! I am thrilled to let the world know that I will now have the great privilege of calling Caitlin Murphy Miles my fiancé and soon my wife.”

The couple married in October 2016 and have since balanced thriving careers—Miñoso capturing hearts on “Chicago Fire” and Caitlin applying her artistic talents in makeup and beyond.

Caitlin Murphy Miñoso, originally from California, earned her cosmetology license and established herself as a professional makeup artist. She worked in a high-end salon in New York City before transitioning to film and television sets. Joining “Chicago Fire” in 2013, she worked on the show until 2017, contributing to over 75 episodes.

Reflecting on her career transition during a March 2023 interview on the Adeptus On Air podcast, Caitlin shared how “Chicago Fire” significantly shaped her life: “It’s been a crazy roller coaster. ‘Chicago Fire’ brought my life so much happiness.”

Her career took a transformative turn when, overwhelmed by the long hours on set and her declining health, Caitlin watched a YouTube video about paramedical tattooing for burn survivors. Inspired, she pursued training as a tattoo artist, initially practicing decorative tattoos on co-stars like Taylor Kinney and Daniel Kyri.

Now a paramedical micro-pigmentation specialist, Caitlin uses tattooing for areola restoration for breast cancer survivors and scar camouflage for burn victims. “Having my passion for makeup has been amazing… But what I do now, being able to connect with people and hear their stories, it’s really powerful and amazing. I love it,” she expressed during the podcast.

Caitlin operates Willow & Birch, a boutique offering wellness services and yoga classes in Dundee, Illinois. Her husband, Joe, frequently praises her career shift on social media, expressing immense pride in her achievements and the positive impact she has made in people’s lives.