Real Reason Why Jackson West Left The Rookie & What He’s Doing Now

The departure of Jackson West, portrayed by Titus Makin Jr., from “The Rookie” at the close of its third season came as a sudden twist, fueled by intriguing reasons off-screen. Throughout the show’s initial seasons, Jackson West served as a pivotal character, assigned to the Mid-Wilshire Division and becoming a central figure in the narrative.

His storyline took a dramatic turn during a kidnapping scenario involving him and Lopez by Sandra de la Cruz’s henchmen at Angela and Wesley’s wedding. This event sparked speculation about his future on the show, especially when he was conspicuously absent from the promotional content for season 4.

These speculations were confirmed in the opening episode of season 4, which revealed the heartbreaking fate of Jackson West: he had been killed. The show depicted his tragic end through CCTV footage, capturing the moment he was fatally shot by de la Cruz’s men in an attempt to flee.

The aftermath of his death saw a touching tribute from Angela Lopez, who named her newborn son after Jackson, providing a heartfelt conclusion to his story arc. Despite the emotional send-off, Jackson’s death was a significant blow to fans, considering his role as a mainstay from the very first episode.

Behind the scenes, Titus Makin Jr.’s exit was driven by personal decisions. “The Rookie” showrunner Alexi Hawley disclosed that Makin Jr.’s choice not to return necessitated a respectful closure to Jackson’s journey, acknowledging his integral contribution to the series from its inception.

While specific details of Makin Jr.’s decision were not elaborated, it was noted that he had contemplated leaving the show in 2020, a decision influenced by the societal impact and personal reflection following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. This context adds a layer of depth to the actor’s departure, underscoring the real-world considerations that can influence storytelling in television.

The Rookie” in 2021, Titus Makin Jr. transitioned to a guest appearance as Lt. Adam Parish in a single episode of “NCIS: Hawaiʻi” during the same year. Beyond television, Makin expanded his acting repertoire with a supporting role in the film “On the Come Up,” and contributed to the world of short films through his work in “Pool Service, Inc” and “Aliens on Halloween.” In addition to his acting career, Makin Jr. pursues his passion for music as a soul/funk artist under the moniker Butterfly Ali. According to his official website, his most recent album was released in 2021, coinciding with his exit from “The Rookie.