Sean Murray Reveals His Most Memorable Guest Star Encounter on “NCIS”

Sean Murray, portraying Special Agent Tim McGee, has been a cornerstone of “NCIS” since his promotion to the main cast in its second season. Accumulating over 416 episodes, he stands among the series’ most tenured actors, sharing this distinction with legends like Mark Harmon and David McCallum (Ducky). With nearly two decades on the show, Murray has witnessed a parade of guest stars, each bringing a unique flair to the series’ episodic investigations. “NCIS” has welcomed numerous celebrities, with some, like Zac Efron and Jamie Lee Curtis, leaving a lasting impression through their memorable roles.

In a conversation with WHOSAY, Murray shared his admiration for several standout guest stars. He highlighted Robert Wagner’s portrayal of Anthony DiNozzo Sr. as a recurring favorite. Wagner, with his charismatic depiction of DiNozzo’s father, has captivated audiences across his 13-episode arc.

Murray also expressed his appreciation for Lily Tomlin, who played his character’s grandmother, Penelope Langston, in a narrative that intertwined personal history with a Naval Reserve lieutenant’s murder investigation. Tomlin’s illustrious career, marked by roles in “Grace & Frankie” and “The West Wing,” underscores her exceptional talent. Additionally, Murray noted Bob Newhart’s appearance as Doctor Walter Magnus, Ducky’s mentor, in Season 8. Newhart, known for his roles in “Elf” and his eponymous sitcoms, brought a distinct presence to the show.

Murray’s reflections not only celebrate the guest stars’ contributions but also underscore the rich tapestry of narratives “NCIS” has explored. These actors, through their iconic roles and seasoned performances, have contributed to the series’ enduring appeal, illustrating the diverse and engaging world of “NCIS.”