Katrina Law Reveals What She Believes is the Secret to “NCIS’s” Lasting Appeal

Despite undergoing significant cast changes over its run, “NCIS” has impressively reached the remarkable milestone of 20 seasons, a testament to its enduring popularity and dynamic casting strategy, highlighted by Deadline. Among its notable additions is Katrina Law, whose talent has shone brightly in her role on the show.

Katrina Law, with a rich history of television success as evidenced by her IMDb profile, has become synonymous with quality performances, particularly in her role on “NCIS,” arguably her most prominent work to date.

As Agent Jessica Knight, Law introduced a new dynamic to the CBS crime procedural, filling the void left by Agent Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickerman) and quickly becoming an integral part of the series from Season 18 onwards. Her character has been at the center of action-packed plots and engaging storylines, including workplace romances, proving there’s never a dull moment with Law’s characters.

Despite the lack of recognition from award ceremonies like the Emmys and opinions that the show has overstayed its welcome, “NCIS” continues to captivate audiences, thanks in part to contributions from actors like Law. Kelly Kahl, CBS Entertainment President, has lauded “NCIS” as one of the world’s most beloved series, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Katrina Law offered insights into the show’s sustained success in an interview with TheCherryPicks.com. She attributes it to the show’s exceptional character development, storytelling, talented cast, and crew, coupled with a perfect mix of drama and humor that resonates with viewers. Law highlights the strong chemistry among the cast and the memorable opening credits music as key factors that keep audiences engaged.

This perspective is supported by data, with Variety reporting “NCIS” as outperforming shows like “FBI,” “Chicago Fire,” and “Blue Bloods” to become the most-watched scripted TV series of the 2021-2022 season. The continued success of “NCIS,” nearly two decades in, suggests that the show remains a compelling watch, with Katrina Law’s role further enriching its captivating narrative.