Sean Murray Reflects on an Unforgettable Moment in Gibbs’ Last “NCIS” Appearance

Sean Murray is intrigued by the idea of a Gibbs origin story in the “NCIS” universe, though his character Timothy McGee may not play a part in “NCIS: Origins.” Set in the 1990s, this prequel explores a time before Gibbs and McGee’s paths crossed, focusing instead on other significant characters, including Vera Strickland, played by Roma Maffia, a notable but seldom-seen figure in “NCIS” lore.

While Murray might not appear in the series, he’s looking forward to enjoying the show from a fan’s perspective, especially to gain insights into Gibbs, a cornerstone character of the franchise.

Gibbs, portrayed by Mark Harmon, exited “NCIS” in Season 19, sharing a poignant farewell scene with McGee, a moment Murray treasures. He recounted to TV Insider the depth of that scene, emphasizing its personal and professional significance.

Despite the improbability of Harmon and Murray sharing the screen in “NCIS: Origins,” Murray holds out hope for their characters’ reunion within the broader “NCIS” franchise. Speaking to Parade in 2022, Murray expressed optimism about Gibbs’s potential return, hinting at the endless possibilities within the ever-expanding “NCIS” universe and its array of spinoffs, where a surprise appearance by Gibbs could be on the horizon.