NCIS’s Veteran Sean Murray Uncertain About His Future: ‘You Never Know’

Despite his lengthy tenure, Sean Murray feels a sense of uncertainty about his future on “NCIS.” Even as the franchise approaches a significant milestone of 1,000 episodes across its various shows, Murray, who has been with “NCIS” for 21 seasons, shared his thoughts with People.

He emphasized that no one is completely secure, reflecting on the unpredictable nature of the series and the industry. “I think we learned this with things that have happened on the show over the years… No one is quite safe,” he remarked, expressing both his immense gratitude for being part of the series and his awareness of the uncertainties that lie ahead.


Murray also highlighted the positive atmosphere on set, suggesting that the cast is currently enjoying their work and not looking to leave. He attributes the enduring success of “NCIS” to the quality and care invested in the show from its inception, which laid a strong foundation for the brand and fostered a deep connection with fans. Murray likened the series to a family, which he believes has been a key factor in its popularity.

The “NCIS” franchise has expanded significantly since its debut, spawning four spin-offs set in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Hawai’i, and Sydney, Australia. Murray takes pride in how each series has carved out its unique niche within the franchise, contributing to its expansive legacy. As “NCIS” celebrates its 1,000th episode, Murray reflects on the franchise’s growth and its special place in the hearts of viewers.