Cy-Fair ISD Drama Instructor to Appear on ABC’s ‘The Rookie’

Kedrick Brown, a Cy-Fair ISD theater teacher well-versed in the world of acting, is gearing up for a role that places him alongside a newcomer, at least on the television screen. Brown, with a solid track record in on-screen performances, is slated to feature in “The Rookie,” airing Tuesday at 8 p.m. During a visit to ABC13, Brown shared insights into his character, who finds himself embroiled in a dilemma and false accusations. He cautiously navigated the conversation, stating, “He can’t say too much without getting in trouble,” underscoring the need for discretion.

“The Rookie” charts the journey of John Nolan, a man pursuing his dream of becoming an LAPD officer in his middle age, a narrative that sees him keeping pace with much younger colleagues. For his part, Brown journeyed to Los Angeles for the shoot, providing a glimpse into the brisk and intensive nature of television production.

“The work that happens, it happens quick, and then there’s a waiting period. It’s a lot that goes into from just putting it on the camera to the TV where you guys see it,” he explained.

Delving into his approach to role preparation, Brown emphasized the importance of understanding his character’s psyche. “You have to decide where is this character coming from. And just like I teach my students, what is the why? Why does he do what he do? Why does he do it when he does it? And why does he say it to this person or that person? What’s your motivation?” These reflections echo his teaching philosophy, highlighting the depth of his engagement with both acting and education.

Driven by a desire to influence his students positively, Brown took a proactive stance: “Instead of being on the sideline or on social media talking about it, I decided to check myself into the game.” His commitment to his craft and its impact on his students is evident, as he takes pride in guiding them towards their aspirations.

Balancing his dual roles of actor and educator, Brown appreciates the support from his school’s principal, Ms. Andrea Lagard, whose encouragement has been instrumental in blending his expertise in theatre, film, and TV with his teaching responsibilities.

Brown’s resume boasts roles in “The Chosen,” “New Amsterdam,” “Black Lightning,” “The Game,” “Cherish the Day,” “Surviving Compton,” “Bayou Caviar,” “Greenleaf,” “Underground,” “American Crime,” and “Survivor’s Remorse,” marking him as a versatile actor dedicated to his art and his students.