A Source Has Shed Light on What’s Going On With Yellowstone Season 5, And There Are Some Intriguing Ideas About The Kevin Costner Problem

The swirling speculation about the final episodes of Yellowstone hinges primarily on Kevin Costner’s involvement and his potential return as John Dutton. Currently, it’s a mystery whether John Dutton will exit the storyline or if Costner will reprise his role. Amidst this uncertainty, reports have surfaced outlining the series’ direction in the absence of the Dutton family patriarch for its final season, which is scheduled for the 2024 TV lineup, sparking considerable interest.

In the past year, there have been murmurs of Kevin Costner possibly exiting Yellowstone due to disputes over his contract, specifically issues related to scheduling and compensation. Conversely, a more recent report suggests that the Academy Award-winning actor might be keen on returning to Taylor Sheridan’s creation, amplifying the intrigue around John Dutton’s fate in the concluding segment of Season 5. A source relayed to Us Weekly that intense discussions are underway regarding the character’s storyline:

”They’ve internally discussed going a couple different ways with the story line if Kevin doesn’t return. [Co-creator Taylor Sheridan] could incorporate a big event to explain the disappearance, or there’s a calculative move to protect his family from an enemy.”

Further insights from the source indicate that, in the event of Costner’s non-return, the show will pivot its focus towards the Dutton children and the ranch’s workers, delving into their interrelations, disputes, and alliances.

These developments are intriguing, and the curiosity about how the narrative will progress without Costner is palpable. If he does return, it’s likely we’ll see his character embroiled in the ongoing conflict between Jamie and Beth, as Jamie seeks to impeach him. However, the manner of John Dutton’s potential departure remains a subject of speculation. Could his exit be marked by a resurgence of his cancer, aligning with fan theories, or might his gubernatorial duties distance him from the ranch altogether?