More Dutton Drama: Josh Lucas Unveils Additional Episodes for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Part 2

As the anticipation for Yellowstone’s concluding season mounts, Josh Lucas shares captivating insights about what fans can expect. Known for depicting a younger John Dutton in the series’ flashbacks, Lucas hints at an expanded Season 5 Part 2, offering fans a deeper exploration of the Dutton family’s complex narrative.

In a conversation with Collider on the Palm Royale premiere red carpet, an Apple TV+ feature, Lucas confirmed his continued portrayal of young John Dutton. He revealed that discussions with Taylor Sheridan, the series creator, suggest an increase in the number of episodes for the final season. Lucas recounted a conversation with Sheridan, stating:

“I reached out to Taylor a couple of months ago, expressing my gratitude for being part of the series. His response hinted at a return, with plans to extend the season to about ten more episodes, aiming to conclude the storyline comprehensively.”

The ending of Season 5 Part 1 left audiences on edge, with Governor John Dutton facing an impeachment trial, and the future of the Duttons in jeopardy. The sibling rivalry between Jamie and Beth, played by Wes Bentley and Kelly Reilly, sets the stage for intense drama and unresolved issues.

Lucas’s role as the younger John Dutton has been pivotal in developing the character’s backstory, highlighting his efforts to protect his family’s legacy, navigate personal tragedies, and confront foes. With Kevin Costner’s Governor Dutton’s return in question, Sheridan might use flashbacks to provide a satisfying conclusion to John Dutton’s story.