Exploring Yellowstone: Discovering the Real Locations Behind the Series

Part of Yellowstone’s charm lies in its stunning portrayal of the Great Plains. Discover the real-life locations that set the scene for this modern Western drama.

One element that rivals the cast’s collective allure in Paramount Network’s expansive modern Western drama is Montana’s scenic beauty. The vast plains and majestic mountains symbolize both the freedom of living amidst untamed nature and the financial means to afford such a lifestyle.

In a twist of Hollywood magic, the postcard-perfect shots of the American landscape are indeed filmed in Montana. For international viewers, show newcomers, or those contemplating a visit to this American region to enjoy the open air, Den of Geek is your guide to these locations.

It’s worth noting for those not well-versed in American geography that, ironically, the Yellowstone ranch isn’t located near the famous Yellowstone National Park. While the park does stretch into Montana, where Yellowstone is set, it’s not as nearby as one might assume.

Montana – Montana’s Yellowstone ranch and the iconic Yellowstone National Park aren’t neighbors. The national park, primarily in Wyoming’s Northwest corner, does reach into Montana, but the show’s setting and the park’s proximity might surprise you.

Yellowstone National Park, famed for the “Old Faithful” geyser, is mostly in Wyoming. Although West Yellowstone, Montana, is the closest town, the series’ filming location, Darby, Montana, is over 377 miles (over 600 kilometers) from the park.

Many on-screen buildings are tangible, contributing to the show’s appeal, which includes political drama involving the Montana Governor’s office. This building, the Montana State Capitol in Helena, Montana, doubles as the filming site for courtroom scenes, particularly in season 4.

Constructed between 1914 and 1917, this landmark serves as an ideal setting for the series, showcasing impressive stables, farmhouses, and paddocks. The Chief Joseph Ranch offers room rentals in the off-season, though the interiors might not match the Dutton ranch exactly, as the first three seasons’ interior scenes were filmed on a soundstage.

Utah – The Utah Film Studio in Park City houses the soundstages for many interior scenes, a considerable distance from Montana. The series often depicts both small-town and corporate America in “The Beehive State.”

Scenes involving the antagonistic corporation Schwartz & Meyer are shot in Ogden, Utah, close to the Great Salt Lake.

Ogden, a railroad hub surrounded by stunning mountains, is known for its hiking and biking trails. The city’s 25th street, featuring restaurants, galleries, and shops, has appeared in the show for various scenes.

Other Utah locations include Dan Jenkins’s lodge, golf course, and early rodeo scenes.

Texas – The latest season shifts focus to the American South, notably through the storyline of Yellowstone hand Jimmy and his experiences at the 6666 ranch. This location, set for a spinoff, has become a production favorite.

The 6666 ranch, a working and iconic Western establishment, spans 350,000 acres, offering a vast backdrop for the narrative.

Texas has hosted significant rodeo scenes, aligning with its rich rodeo culture. Sheridan, a Texas native, increasingly chooses to film in his home state, though Arizona rodeos occasionally feature in the Yellowstone universe, underscoring the series’ southern trajectory.