Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Avoided Everyone on Set Until Season 3 For ‘Personal’ Reason

Kelly Reilly, the star of ‘Yellowstone,’ chose not to interact with cast and crew off-camera due to a “personal” approach to her role.

Beth Dutton, portrayed by Kelly Reilly, has become an iconic figure in the Paramount Network drama, celebrated for her unpredictable actions, propensity for violence, and complex persona.

Reilly once encapsulated her character with the quote, “I hold a beast, an angel, and a madman in me,” highlighting the multifaceted nature of Beth Dutton from the outset. However, Reilly has revealed that she is quite different from the tough businesswoman she plays on screen.

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Firstly, being British, Reilly had to devote significant effort to mastering the Texan accent required for her role. Opening up to Entertainment Tonight, Reilly explained: “I work with a dialect coach who helps me and that’s just a bit of hard grind just sitting at home, going over and over and over it.

“I live in America now so I’m hearing it all the time but the first season when I first played Beth, I didn’t want anyone to know I wasn’t American. “People knew but not everyone and all the crew didn’t know and it’s not that I stayed in an accent but I just didn’t talk to anyone unless I was playing Beth.

“I didn’t really want anyone to know that I was so far removed from her just personally, because if I came in and was just myself, it would sort of ruin the illusion and there was something about it.” “For me, it wasn’t about trying to convince everybody else but for myself, I just needed to really become her”, she continued.


“And it was only until like season three did I start to hang out with everybody. “You can ask them, they probably thought I just wasn’t very friendly but I just didn’t want the illusion to break for myself.”

Yellowstone will soon be coming to an end for good but the Beth Dutton star has already been busy at work on another project. Reilly will star in the upcoming coming-of-age movie Little Wing, alongside Succession actor Brian Cox.

Based on the New Yorker magazine article of the same name, Little Wing is about a 13-year-old girl who tries to steal a valuable bird to help her mum (Reilly) with her financial worries.

She then finds herself in the world of pigeon racing, forging a close bond with the bird’s owner (Cox). Little Wing will debut on Paramount+ on March 13 in the US and the following day in the UK.