1923 Season 2 May Answer a Major Question About John Dutton

Just like its prolific creator and showrunner, Taylor Sheridan, Paramount+’s “1923” is hardly taking a break. Following the finale of season 1 on Sunday, Feb. 26, the gears are already turning for the production of season 2.

Before the debut of “1923,” Sheridan disclosed that he saw this series, unlike its predecessor “1883,” as spanning two seasons. True to his vision, Paramount+ confirmed the renewal for season 2 soon after the first season began airing. The Wall Street Journal later reported that filming for season 2 was scheduled for this spring. This timing suggests that the second season of “1923” might premiere by the end of 2023, maintaining the December release tradition established by both “1923” and “1883” over the previous years.

This consistency is something Yellowstone enthusiasts can appreciate, though it also signifies a lengthy wait for more of the Montana-based drama. The flagship series, “Yellowstone,” is not expected to return until the summer for its fifth season, with potential delays if the issues with Kevin Costner are not swiftly resolved. The exact timing for “1923” to resume remains uncertain.

As we anticipate “1923” season 2, let’s delve into what is known so far, including whether it will shed light on a significant query regarding John Dutton’s ancestry.

Brandon Sklenar, who portrays Spencer Dutton, conducted numerous interviews following the “1923” finale. These discussions have provided valuable insights into what to expect in season 2, particularly regarding his character’s journey with his new wife Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer). An intriguing detail from a THR interview with Sklenar addresses speculation about Alexandra’s condition at the start of the finale:

“At the beginning of the finale, do you think Alex was suffering from motion sickness or morning sickness? (Sklenar pauses and then laughs.) I don’t know. I hope it’s motion sickness.”

Sklenar’s preference for motion sickness over morning sickness likely stems from the potential implications of a pregnancy for his character within the “Yellowstone” timeline. The storyline already hinted at a miscarriage for Liz Dutton (Michelle Randolph) earlier in the season. If Jack and Liz Dutton (Darren Mann) cannot have another child and Alexandra is pregnant, Spencer Dutton emerges as a strong contender to be John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) grandfather, a significant role in the “Yellowstone” saga. Sklenar, for his part, is keen on getting Spencer back to Montana.

“I feel like he has to (make it home),” Sklenar shared with TV Guide. “He has to, just to realize his mission and his purpose. It’s built up in such a way that he really is this figure that’s going to help them and save them and save the ranch. He has to. I’m hoping that it happens.”

The “1923” season 1 finale also offered a ray of hope for Teonna Rainwater (Aminah Nieves), a character presumed to be an ancestor of Thomas Rainwater (Mo Brings Plenty). After enduring immense hardships at her Catholic boarding school, Teonna, now with her father Runs His Horse (Michael Spears) and new love interest Pete Plenty Clouds (Cole Brings Plenty), seeks a peaceful existence in Wyoming.

In a conversation with THR, alongside Mo Brings Plenty, Nieves speculated about her character’s legacy within the “Yellowstone” narrative:

“I’ve got some theories, Mo. You ready for ‘em? My theory isn’t about Teonna. My one theory is about Cole’s character [Pete Plenty Clouds]. I wish, in a perfect world — hear me out, Mo — Cole is your grandfather. But, I have nothing to do with you.”

Teonna’s journey, regardless of her precise placement in the “Yellowstone” lineage, is a storyline many hope will conclude more optimistically than that of a similarly strong-willed young woman in “1883”.