Kelsey Asbille Takes On a Thrilling New Role Beyond Yellowstone’s Paramount Saga

Kelsey Asbille, known for her role in “Yellowstone,” stars in the new film “Don’t Move,” directed by Sam Raimi, set to release in the UK. Filmed in Bulgaria during last summer, the project proceeded with an interim agreement amidst the SAG-AFTRA strike. Signature Entertainment has acquired the distribution rights for the UK and Ireland, as reported by Variety. Currently in post-production, the film’s release date is yet to be announced, expectations are to happen this year.

Yellowstone’s Kelsey Asbille will star in a new horror movie (Image: Getty)

“Don’t Move” depicts the harrowing journey of a woman paralyzed by a killer’s injection, fighting to survive before her body succumbs. The cast includes Finn Wittrock of “American Horror Story” fame, and Daniel Francis, known for “Bridgerton” series 3 and “The Wheel of Time.”

Signature Entertainment expressed enthusiasm for the directors, Adam Schindler and Brian Netto, praising their transition from working on Raimi’s anthology series “50 States of Fright” to directing their first feature film. They anticipate “Don’t Move” will captivate UK audiences with its gripping horror elements.

Upon the film’s announcement in May, producer Alex Lebovici highlighted the dynamic duo of Asbille and Wittrock, whose experience in suspenseful roles positions them perfectly to bring this intense story to life.