Introducing Sean Murray’s NCIS Family: From His Celebrity Daughter to Show-Stopping Appearances

Sean Murray, born in Maryland in 1977, had a childhood enriched by global travels due to his father’s Navy Captain role. His early years took him from Australia and Singapore to London, and across various US states, until his parents’ divorce at 15 led him to Los Angeles with his mother.

His mother’s remarriage to Donald P. Bellisario, the renowned creator of Magnum PI, Quantum Leap, JAG, and NCIS, introduced Sean to a new family dynamic. Despite this connection, Sean carved his own path in acting, making a mark as a teenager with roles in TV movies and the nineties hit, Hocus Pocus, as the human Thackery Binx.

Sean’s sister is Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario (Getty Images)

Sean’s family ties to the entertainment industry extend through his brother, Chad W. Murray, a key producer of NCIS: Los Angeles. His blended family includes seven stepsiblings, among them JAG’s Michael Bellisario and Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars fame, who also had a role in NCIS as McGee’s sister. The tradition continued with Sean’s daughter appearing on the show, making it a true family venture.

His daughter Cay Ryan Murray appeared on NCIS last season

Married to Carrie since November 26, 2005, after meeting at a Halloween party and deepening their connection at a New Year’s celebration, their engagement came quickly in August 2005, spurred by Carrie’s initiative. Their wedding, strategically planned for the Thanksgiving break for annual celebrations, was organized swiftly in three months.

Sean and Carrie’s family grew with the birth of their children, Cay and River. Cay notably appeared in NCIS as a tech-savvy teen, drawing McGee into a pivotal role in her storyline, showcasing the family’s continued legacy in the show.