The Heart Behind the Hat: Luke Grimes’ Private Life Journey with Bianca Rodrigues

Luke Grimes, widely recognized for his portrayal of rancher Kayce Dutton on “Yellowstone,” has earned a place in the hearts of viewers across the globe. While his professional life is an open book thanks to the show, Luke has skillfully kept his personal life under wraps.

Since November 2018, Luke has been married to Bianca Rodrigues Grimes, a Brazilian model. The couple, preferring a low-profile existence, sporadically shares glimpses of their life together on Instagram, offering fans a peek into their world.

The Grimes’ have chosen Montana as their home, capitalizing on the state’s breathtaking landscapes, as “Yellowstone” is filmed there. Bianca, in particular, frequently expresses her affection for Montana on Instagram, showcasing the stunning sunsets and vast vistas that define “Big Sky Country.”

(Photo Credit: Instagram@Bianca Rodrigues Grimes)

Bianca affectionately calls Luke “anjo,” which translates to “angel” in Portuguese, highlighting the tender dynamics of their relationship.

Originally from Brazil, Bianca has adapted to life in Montana, balancing her time between the serene American state and her vibrant Brazilian roots. Her Instagram is a testament to her modeling career, featuring shots that range from beachside poses in chic attire to studio sessions that hark back to the allure of classic Hollywood.

Despite their preference for privacy, Bianca has been seen supporting Luke at high-profile events such as the 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards, demonstrating the couple’s solid unity.

The couple’s home life includes their two Bengal cats, Buck and Zelda, who not only feature on Bianca’s Instagram but also boast their own social media presence. These pets, alongside the stunning Montana backdrop, contribute to the Grimes’ idyllic family life.

Luke and Bianca’s relationship, encapsulated in intimate Instagram posts and anniversary tributes, reflects a deep and enduring bond. Bianca’s heartfelt anniversary messages to Luke convey a profound appreciation for their union.

In an intimate revelation to USA TODAY, Luke openly expressed his adoration for Bianca, describing himself as a “very married person” who is eternally committed to his wife. His humble acknowledgment of his imperfections, juxtaposed with his admiration for Bianca, underscores the genuine affection and respect foundational to their relationship.

Luke Grimes’ journey, from a beloved character on “Yellowstone” to a devoted husband and pet parent, offers a glimpse into the actor’s personal priorities, values, and the love that shapes his off-screen world.