NCIS: Origins Prequel Spinoff Welcomes Young Talent for Classic Role

“NCIS: Origins” is expanding its cast with the introduction of characters from the series’ lore, including the casting of a younger version of a notable past character.

This prequel explores the formative years of Leroy Jethro Gibbs as a budding NCIS agent stationed at Camp Pendleton, delving into the origins of characters fans have come to love.

Deadline reports the casting of Diany Rodriguez in the role of a youthful Vera Strickland, a character previously portrayed by Roma Maffia in the episode ‘Under the Radar’ from the 11th season. Strickland is characterized as a forthright and resilient Brooklyn native, known for her sharp wit and unyielding demeanor. Despite facing underestimation due to prevalent misogyny, she’s ready to stand her ground against any challenge.

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Joining Rodriguez, Tyla Abercrumbie steps into the role of Mary Jo, the Field Operation Support Officer at Camp Pendleton. Mary Jo, affectionately known as the ‘HSIC’ (Head Secretary in Charge), is a pivotal figure within the office, offering wisdom and insight with a touch of humor.

These new additions will star alongside Austin Stowell, Mariel Molino, and Kyle Schmid, who are set to portray Gibbs, Lala Dominguez, and Mike Franks, respectively. Additionally, Mark Harmon, the original Gibbs from NCIS, will lend his voice as the narrator for the series.

Co-showrunners Gina Lucita Monreal and David J. North expressed their excitement about the series, highlighting its significance in exploring Gibbs’ backstory. They promise even the most dedicated fans will uncover new facets of his journey.