1970 RTS ‘Cuda Uncovered After 40+years, Original Six Pack with Only 967 Miles

After 40 long years of sitting in a garage in suburban Detroit, the Rapid Transit System ‘Cuda has finally been uncovered! This incredible find has car enthusiasts and collectors around the world buzzing with excitement. The car was purchased back in 1976 and then never used, being put away and left to gather dust.

This ‘Cuda is a true gem, with original rims, original tires, and an incredible 967 miles on the clock. It comes complete with an AM FM radio and the original six-pack engine, making it a rare find indeed. The back seat of the car has probably never even been sat in, and it has been perfectly preserved for over four decades.

The Rapid Transit System ‘Cuda is a highly sought-after vehicle, especially among collectors and enthusiasts. It was originally designed to be a high-performance muscle car, with a powerful engine and sleek design. This car was a true icon of its time and is still highly revered today.

The ‘Cuda was first introduced by Plymouth in 1964, and it quickly became known for its powerful engine and impressive speed. The car was designed to be a racing machine, and it was highly successful on the track. The ‘Cuda was also known for its sleek design, with a long, low body and aggressive styling.

The Rapid Transit System ‘Cuda is an especially rare find because of its six-pack engine. This engine was designed to deliver maximum performance, and it was only available on a select few ‘Cudas. The engine is known for its unique design, which includes three two-barrel carburetors, giving it a distinctive sound and incredible power.

The fact that this ‘Cuda has been perfectly preserved for over 40 years is nothing short of amazing. The car has been kept in pristine condition, with its original paint and interior still in impeccable shape. It is a true testament to the quality and durability of these classic cars.

This car has been perfectly preserved for over 40 years, and it is a true testament to the quality and durability of these classic vehicles. It is sure to be highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, and it will undoubtedly be a prized possession for its lucky new owner.

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