A Dream Come True: 1968 Plymouth Road Runner 426 Hemi J Code – Took 3 Years to Restore

The 1968 Plymouth Road Runner 426 Hemi J Code is a highly sought-after muscle car from the late 1960s. It was built with a 426 cubic inch (7.0-liter) Hemi V8 engine that was rated at 425 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque. The J Code option added the 426 Hemi engine to the Road Runner, making it one of the fastest and most powerful muscle cars of its time. It also featured heavy-duty suspension and brakes, as well as a 4-speed manual transmission.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Steve and Sharon Lovetinsky, the proud owners of a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner 426 Hemi J Code. They purchased the car in 2011, and it took them three years to restore it to its former glory. Steve shared with us his passion for finding the perfect “Hemi Car,” and how he finally found it in this beauty.

Steve’s journey to finding the perfect car began years ago. As an avid enthusiast, he had been on the lookout for a Hemi Car that would satisfy his need for speed and performance. When he came across this particular Road Runner, he knew he had found the one. After negotiating with the previous owner, Steve traded two of his cars and some cash for the Road Runner, and he has been happy ever since.

Restoring the car was a labor of love for Steve and Sharon. They took their time, paying close attention to every detail, and making sure that the car was restored to its original factory condition. They sourced parts from all over the country, and even went as far as to find original decals and badges to ensure that the car was as authentic as possible.

Today, the Lovetinskys’ 1968 Plymouth Road Runner 426 Hemi J Code is a showstopper. The car’s black exterior is sleek and menacing, and the iconic “Road Runner” logo on the side instantly catches the eye. The Hemi engine under the hood is a work of art, with its chrome and polished aluminum parts shining like new. The interior is just as impressive, with black vinyl seats and a wood-rimmed steering wheel.

For Steve and Sharon, owning this car is a dream come true. They love taking it out on the road, feeling the power of the Hemi engine and the thrill of driving such an iconic car.

Watch the video below and enjoy this beautiful ride: