Driving a 29K Mile 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix, Only 1 of 52 with a 4-Speed Transmission

The famous Pontiac Grand Prix from 1971 is still in high demand today. The 4-speed edition of this automobile is one of the most uncommon variations, and we had the pleasure of examining and test-driving one. Just 52 vehicles, including this specific 29,000-mile model, have a 4-speed gearbox. Tropical Lime Metallic, which is a rare and distinctive shade, is used for the finish.

After being unveiled for the first time in 1962, the Pontiac Grand Prix swiftly gained popularity among auto lovers. This vehicle was a work of engineering and design genius, and it was developed in part by the legendary automotive engineer John DeLorean.

The Grand Prix’s second version, which debuted in 1971, had a sleeker, more contemporary look. The automobile was larger and lower than earlier versions, and its wheelbase was longer. The split grille and concealed headlamps on the front end gave the front end a more aggressive appearance. A new taillight design and a larger, broader trunk lid were added to the remodeling of the back end.

The car’s interior, which included bucket seats and a central console, was as remarkable. The gauges and controls on the dashboard were conveniently located and featured a sleek, contemporary style. Power windows, air conditioning, and an AM/FM radio were further features of the vehicle.

The vehicle’s 455 cubic inch V8 engine let forth 325 horsepower under the hood. A 4-speed manual transmission was an uncommon and special option for this automobile, combined with this engine. The 4-speed gearbox was a popular among auto enthusiasts because it increased the thrill of driving.

This was an automobile that we had the privilege of test driving, and it was an unforgettable experience. The V8 engine’s sound was pleasant to our ears as the automobile went smoothly and fast. The automobile handled brilliantly, and the journey was smooth and pleasant.

Another distinguishing quality of this automobile was its Tropical Lime Metallic color. Its uncommon and distinctive hue helped the automobile stand out from the competition. The paint looked like new and was in wonderful condition.

In conclusion, the 4-speed Pontiac Grand Prix from 1971 was an engineering and design marvel. With its low mileage and distinctive color, this specific vehicle is a rare discovery and a wonderful jewel for any auto aficionado. It is evidence of both the excellence of John DeLorean’s work and the creativity and skill of General Motors.

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