Classic Muscle, Modern Performance: The Stunning Sublime ’68 Dodge Charger 526 Hemi with 950HP

An legendary American muscle automobile that has long grabbed the hearts of auto lovers is the 1968 Dodge Charger. This specific Charger, finished in Sublime Green Mopar, is a genuine treasure among vintage automobiles. It is not only cosmetically gorgeous, but it also has a powerful engine.

This 1968 Charger immediately catches your attention because to its vibrant green paint job. The Mopar color Sublime Green is a tribute to the 1960s and 1970s, when muscle vehicles were at their peak. This automobile really stands out because to the black highlights on the bonnet, front grille, door handles, and back stripes that perfectly offset the beautiful green.

A close examination of the Charger’s interior reveals Sparco racing bucket seats with safety belts and a roll cage bar. These safety measures give the automobile a touch of racing flair in addition to being necessary while traveling at high speeds.

The engine under the hood, though, is the true star of the show. A Blown Chrysler 526 cubic inch, 8.6 liter HEMI big-block Crate V8 Mopar engine powers this Charger. Thanks to its two four-barrel carburetors, this monster engine generates an astounding 950 horsepower. Any motorist who steps on the throttle will undoubtedly get an adrenaline rush due to this level of power.

This Charger is outfitted with Wilwood high-performance disc brakes with self-vented rotors on all four wheels to guarantee that all that power can be safely managed. This gives the vehicle a sporty appearance in addition to giving it tremendous stopping power. This 1968 Dodge Charger Pro Street is finished off with forged black rims and low-profile tires to give it a muscular appearance.

With its Sublime Green color, black accents, racing seats, and powerful engine, this particular Charger is a superb illustration of what makes classic automobiles so unique. It’s a real head-turner, and anyone is fortunate enough to take the wheel will undoubtedly have an amazing driving experience.

Watch and enjoy this beautiful ride in the video below: