1969 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340 Is a Sublime Barn Find, 1 of Just 68 of Its Kind

Rare cars that have the potential to be worth a small fortune don’t always come in pristine condition with shiny exteriors and everything functioning flawlessly. Sometimes, the true value lies in the story behind the vehicle, in its history and its journey through time. And without a doubt, the 1969 Plymouth ‘Cuda we are about to delve into is a living testament to this notion.

In a set of captivating photos, this ’69 ‘Cuda reveals itself as a genuine barn find, having been rescued by its current owner after many years of slumber. This particular ‘Cuda holds an extraordinary level of rarity, as Plymouth produced only 68 units of its kind. While the ‘Cuda 340 had a production run of 666 units for the 1969 model year, a mere 68 were built with the same body style and equipped with a 4-speed transmission. This alone makes this discovery all the more remarkable.

Under the hood, the engine still roars to life, a testament to the durability and quality of the legendary 340 powerplant. However, the current owner has taken the initiative to rebuild the engine, kickstarting the restoration process and bringing this ‘Cuda one step closer to the pristine condition it rightfully deserves. With the original build sheet in hand, the owner has also taken care to install a new carpet and front seat covers, ensuring that every detail is given the attention it requires.

What truly sets this ’69 Plymouth ‘Cuda apart is its authenticity. The current owner proudly claims that everything else about the car is as original as it gets. The patina on the body, the wear and tear on the interior, and the unique features that make this ‘Cuda a true representation of its era have all been preserved. This authenticity adds to the allure and rarity of the vehicle, making it a truly desirable find for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

While it may be tempting to restore a classic car to a perfect, showroom-ready state, there is a certain charm in discovering a piece of automotive history in its untouched form. This barn find ’69 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340 encapsulates the excitement and intrigue of unearthing a rare gem, a time capsule that transports us back to the heyday of American muscle cars.

As the automotive world evolves and classic cars become scarcer, vehicles like this ’69 ‘Cuda gain even more value. With only 68 examples ever produced in this configuration, its rarity is undeniable. This unique combination of limited production, originality, and the ongoing restoration process makes the ’69 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340 an exceptional find—one that has the potential to appreciate in value and become a cherished piece of automotive history.

For now, this ‘Cuda is a work in progress, but it is an embodiment of the passion and dedication of its current owner. Every step taken to bring this car back to its former glory is a labor of love, a commitment to preserving a piece of automotive heritage.

Owner explains this car is extremely rare, as Plymouth produced only 68 such units. The ‘Cuda 340 production for this model year reached 666 units, but on the other hand, only 68 cars came in the same body style and with a 4-speed transmission.

The engine under the hood still runs and drives, but on the other hand, the current owner says they have already rebuilt it. In other words, the restoration process has already been jumpstarted, therefore getting the ‘Cuda a step closer to the mint condition it deserves.

With the original build sheet as well, and the owner says they also installed a new carpet and front seat covers. Everything else is as original as it gets, they claim.

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