1 of 10 HEMI 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX Convertible – When Luxury Meets Power

In the late 60s when the muscle car craze started reaching its peak  the American automobile companies realized that even the customers who were attracted mainly to luxury now wanted more horsepower. 

This stunning Bright Red we have here is part of the Brothers Collection and apart from being in great shape is also a very rare vehicle. Out of the 17 Convertible Plymouth Belvedere GTX muscle cars fitted with the mighty 426 HEMI in 1967 only 10 were produced with automatic transmission and this is one of them.

Combining comfort, style and performance the 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX became one of the most wanted muscle cars. This was definitely muscle car of the week.

Play and enjoy the video below:

Source: Youtube/MuscleCarOfTheWeek

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