”4 Months to Find, 5 Months to Work on it” – 1965 Ford Mustang V8 Perfect Exhaust Sound

Amazing Mustang “1965” – V8 Engine, Awesome Exhaust Sound

The car was true to its name by being a symbol of wild heroism and romance, making the 1965 Mustang Fastback a classic.

Owner’s note: ”I did a student loan for my master degree at the Skema business School. I paid my first year in the US and I still had the money to pay my M2 in Brazil. I invested this money in this mustang, the first car I ever bought, 4 months to find the good one and 5 months to work on it. ”

”New master cylinder, new radiator, new exhaust pipe gaskets, new tires, new steering wheel, new carpet. It is working very well, it was my daily car for 5 months. I shipped the car to France to sell it. I did it to finance part of a personal project, a trip from Canada to Argentina with my motorcycle to present my project to the best universities on my way.”

”Everything is stock except the carburetor Holley and the mufflers. I do not know the brand of the mufflers, there were installed on the car when I bought it. The former owner did not know and there is no name on it. I guess it can be some Flowmaster 40 as there are lot of installations of them. I sold the car years ago.”

Watch and enjoy this beauty:

Source: Youtube/cross border

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