Beautiful and Powerful 1966 Ford Fairlane GT 427 FE 470HP – Sweet Healthy Idle Sound

The 1966 Ford Fairlane GT 427 FE is a classic American muscle car that was known for its powerful engine and sleek design. Ford produced around 50 of the 427 Fairlanes. Those factory 427 cars are very rare & quite expensive today. They were all post hardtops & painted Wimbleton White. This particular GT/A Fairlane was originally a S-code, 390ci/335 hp car with a Cruise-o-matic C-6 automatic transmission.

However, it has since been upgraded with a 427 FE engine and high-performance components, including an FE sideoiler version block, forged steel crank, Edelbrock heads, and a hi-flow water pump. At idle, the 1966 Ford Fairlane GT 427 FE produces a distinctive and powerful sound that is sure to turn heads. The engine is capable of producing 470 horsepower at 5800 RPM and 465 lbs of torque at 4600 RPM, which is a significant increase from the original 390ci engine.

”This GT/A Fairlane was originally a S-code, 390ci/335 hp car with a Cruise-o-matic C-6 automatic transmission. During the 427 rebuild, I continued looking for a car to put it into…when this rust free beauty came my way. My thought – THIS would be THE CAR to install this motor. Now, the 427 badges now adorn her fenders and the factory designed Ford ram air hood feeds directly into the 427.”

The FE sideoiler version block is one of the key components of the engine. This design allows for better oil flow and improved cooling, which helps to increase the engine’s performance and reliability. Another important component of the engine is the forged steel crank. This crankshaft is designed to withstand the high stresses of the engine and provide a smooth, consistent power delivery. The Edelbrock heads and hi-flow water pump are also important components of the engine. They are designed to improve the engine’s airflow, which helps to increase its power output.

”This GT/A was originally shipped from Ford’s Lorain, Ohio plant to DOS Los Angelos. It was purchased by a collector working in LA and he moved it to his storage barn on a farm in South Dakota. The California plates that were still on the car had it last registered on the road in 1981. I restored the body completely. The car’s paint jobs were stripped off & the car was repainted back in it’s original Ford Candy Apple Red.

The interior was changed back to it’s original configuration with black vinyl upholstery by me. The dash trim (plastic) pieces were all rechromed in Canada. All the rest of the chrome on the car was replated here in Minnesota. Inside the car, the only changes to I made were a few improvements – a head unit is in the glove box (original AM is still in the dash), upgraded speakers and water temp & oil pressure gauges added under the dash.”

The Fairlane GT (manual) and GTA (automatic) models were identified by their black-out grille and hood louvers showing the 390 cu. in. displacement in red numerals (standard engine for the 1966 GT/GTA model).//

Check out the video to see more and read the 1966 Ford Fairlane full story here!

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