Iconic Sound: C2 Corvette 427ci Producing 450hp Big Block Cold Idle With Magnaflow Exhaust

The legendary American muscle car famed for its unrestrained power and distinctive look is the C2 Corvette 427ci/450hp large block. The car’s already outstanding sound is elevated to a new level with a Magnaflow exhaust.

The C2 Corvette’s huge block 427ci/450hp engine with Magnaflow exhaust delivers a loud, rumbling growl at cold idle that makes it clear this car wants business. The sound is a great fusion of vintage muscle car and contemporary performance; it is both forceful and polished.

The idle smooths out as the engine warms up, but the exhaust sound doesn’t lose any of its intensity. The Magnaflow exhaust generates a nice grumble when travelling that isn’t overly loud or obtrusive but yet makes you aware that the car has a lot of real power beneath the hood.

The deeper exhaust tone and greater performance are the consequences of the Magnaflow exhaust system’s enhanced exhaust flow and reduced backpressure. The system’s polished tips and high-quality stainless steel construction enhance the car’s already stunning look.

The Magnaflow exhaust can increase the car’s performance in addition to improving sound. It is possible to enhance horsepower and torque by lowering backpressure, which allows the engine to breathe more freely. This improves both the performance and sound of the 427ci/450hp large block in the C2 Corvette with Magnaflow exhaust.

Even while the 396 cubic-inch L78 was capable of delivering 425 savage horsepower to the rear wheels, it wasn’t the most potent choice. A small number of adrenaline seekers had access to the 427 L88 with Rochester Tri-Force carburetors in 1967, the final year of C2 manufacturing.

Although this beast was officially rated at 430 HP, many third-party enthusiasts believed it to be closer to 560 horses. It required 103-octane racing fuel.

Outstanding sound.

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